This year, for Baby Loss Awareness Week (9th-15th October), Bangor City Council have partnered with baby loss charity, Our Sam, to raise awareness for baby loss, by turning Bangor Pier pink and blue with night time illumination and ribbons.

North Wales based baby loss charity, Our Sam, and local volunteers, gathered on Bangor pier on Friday 8th October to decorate Bangor pier with hundreds of pink and blue ribbons, as part of the annual pink and blue, baby loss awareness campaign, led by the UK Baby Loss Alliance. 

Philippa Davies, Founder of baby loss charity, Our Sam said “We were absolutely delighted when we approached Bangor City Director, Iwan Williams, asking if he would consider showing support for Baby Loss Awareness Week by joining the pink and blue campaign, and turn any of the wonderful local buildings or landmarks in Bangor, pink and blue, and he suggested Bangor Garth Pier.

“As such a beautiful and visible landmark, this is a tremendous show of support for bereaved parents and families, and to raise awareness for the more than a quarter of a million people affected by baby loss following miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death and SIDS in the UK each year.

“We would like to thank Bangor City Council and Iwan Williams for their support, and all the volunteers who have supported us to decorate the pier with hundreds of pink and blue ribbons.

“Baby loss remains an incredibly taboo and difficult subject for many to talk about, but it is important that we do, to reduce isolation for all those having to face this heart -breaking trauma.”

Iwan Williams, Bangor City Director, said “We were very pleased to be asked, and proud to be able to show our support, and help to raise awareness of baby loss for baby loss awareness week here in Bangor.

“Baby loss is so incredibly difficult for those who have had to go through this sad loss, but there are still many who have no idea of the extent of the number of people affected, and the significant effects, this often-hidden loss has on the lives of many parents and families.”

Bangor Garth Pier will be lit and decorated from the 9th – 15th October. If you are a bereaved parent affected by baby loss, and need support, you can contact Our Sam, member organisation of the UK Baby Loss Alliance, through the Our Sam website .If you would to know more about baby loss awareness week you can go to

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