We want as many people as possible to join us in this venture to ensure a successful future for Bangor Garth Pier. The City Council have already invested heavily in an outstanding initiative to fully restore the structure of the pier and we aim to provide a range of services to match this achievement. To do this we have created a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Foundation Structure) called the Friends of Bangor Garth Pier (FBGP). 

As stated in our Constitution, our objectives are:  for the public benefit, to support the protection, preservation, restoration and improvement of the structure and buildings of historical and architectural merit of Bangor Garth Pier and to advance the education of the public in understanding the history and heritage of this Victorian structure, and its location on the Menai Strait. 

In order to fulfil our objectives we run a gift shop on the pier, and operate the entrance kiosk, both manned by a team of volunteers under the leadership of our volunteer coordinator. The profits from our gift shop are used to fund specific projects on the pier, such as the rebuilding of a derelict kiosk of historical interest. The money raised at the entrance kiosk is passed directly to Bangor City Council to fund ongoing pier maintenance, ensuring a safe future for the pier.


By becoming a member, you will receive a monthly newsletter, which is an effective way of dissemination all relevant news items regarding FBGP to our members. 

Volunteer Members 

On becoming a member, you have the option of joining our growing team of volunteers – options include volunteering in our pier gift shop, or manning the entrance kiosk, or both, or simply to be present in a supportive capacity at any of the numerous events we run throughout the year on the pier. Anyone, regardless of age (but must be aged 18 years or over), gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion can become a volunteer. Full training is available to anyone signing up as a volunteer, and full supportive is always available.

If you wish to join us you can either do so using our On-line Membership Application.

Registered Charity number: 1198201