We want as many people as possible to join us in this venture to ensure a successful future for Bangor Garth Pier. The City Council have already invested heavily in an outstanding initiative to fully restore the structure of the pier and we aim to provide a range of services to match this achievement. To do this we have created an Unincorporated Association with entirely charitable objectives called the Friends of Bangor Garth Pier (FBGP). We are working closely with the City of Bangor Council who have allowed us to take over the operation of the Entrance Kiosk at the gates of the pier. We are currently waiting for the council to complete essential repairs before they can allow us access to the kiosk.

But we can only be successful in this venture with the active support of the people of Bangor, either by becoming working volunteers or by subscribing to a new membership section of FBGP which will provide members with a range of additional benefits, including a regular newsletter.

There are already several organisations within the city for people who love Bangor and its pier and they provide an important forum via social media for sharing stories, posting photos, and discussions on the possible options for the development of the town. However, by creating a community group focused specifically on the pier and incorpoating active volunteers, as well as other pier lovers providing a predominantly supportive role, FBGP will be able to engage directly with the issues facing this magnificent pier.

Subscribing Members
We anticipate that the majority of our members will be in this category and we greatly value their interest and support. Membership of the Friends Of Bangor Garth Pier (FBGP) is open to all who are interested in actively furthering the purposes of our charity. FBGP will be holding meetings throughout the year at which issues affecting the pier will be discussed and which normally include interesting and informative presentations on topics associated with the history, conservation and development of the pier. All members will also receive regular Newsletters, typically containing reports from the meetings of other local agencies and groups on which FBGP is represented, progress on ongoing developments, essays and anecdotes on the history of the pier, plus the latest programme of FBGP events. But just by subscribing, you will be demonstrating to the those agencies which may have an interest in the pier, both government and commercial, that Bangor Garth Pier is regarded as a very important element of the heritage of Bangor and its position in the Menai Strait.

Volunteer Members
Volunteer Members will form a special category of membership providing an opportunity to become actively involved in the development of the pier. Anyone regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, political, religious or other opinions will be able to become a Bangor Pier volunteer, provided they are prepared to accept that their personal opinions may not be shared by others and are tolerant of opposing views. There will be a wide range of tasks that volunteers can undertake and no specific qualification is needed. However, most people have skills of one kind or another, from having a confident and sympathetic approach when meeting and talking to other people, practical DIY skills, experience of sales and marketing, presentation skills, Information Technology expertise, and many others. However, full training will be given to all volunteers as part of their induction.

Volunteers are unpaid and there is no legal contract between them and the organisation for which they work. Instead, a written agreement is used to set out both the organisation’s commitment to its volunteers and what it hopes for from its volunteers. This agreement can act as a reference point for the volunteers and a reminder to the organisation of the importance of meeting standards of good practice. The agreement will also contain a clear statement that the agreement is binding in honour only and is not intended to be a legally binding contract between FBGP and the volunteer and that neither party intends any employment relationship or other worker relationship to be created. A more detailed explanation of the management of volunteer groups is contained in the web-page of the Wales Council for Voluntary Action(WCVA) via the link on this page.

If you wish to join us you can either do so using our On-line Membership Application or, alternatively, download a Postal Application.

Two examples of where volunteers play a central role in the operation of a pier are Clevedon Pier and Swanage Pier. Potential volunteers for Bangor Pier may wish to visit their websites to see the range of duties volunteers carry out at those piers. The websites can be accessed via the links shown elsewhere on this page.